Gimbal Type Seismic Expansion Joints

Material Structure:
Stainless steel in DIN17440 standard (Connections can be manufactured as stainless or carbon steel)

swivel flange, fixed flange, weld neck, grooved, threaded

Nominal Diameter:
DN25 (1″) – DN1000 (40″)

Pressure Values:
PN16 as standard

Special design is required for high values.

Working pressure varies according to nominal diameter and working temperature.

Temperature Range:
Depending on the material; -196°C – 600°C


  • Dilatation transition parts of fire circuit lines
  • Fuel tanks
  • Stores
  • General machine-device outputs
  • All pipelines


Gimbal Type Seismic Expansion Joints absorbs the force acting from every direction, similar to an earthquake. And it absorbs whatever kind of movement in the pipelines. Thus, it ensures the safety of the system. Thanks to its flexible and mobile structure, it deprives hard pipe systems from tension. These compensators, which contain two bellows, absorb axial movements, lateral deviations and angular rotations. It is located in the compensator group.