Mechanical Steam Trap

Material Structure:
Body and cover: AISI 316 Stainless Steel Internal parts: Stainless Steel

Threaded, Flanged or Socketed

Nominal Diameter:
DN15 (1/2”) – DN50 (2”)

Pressure Values:
Max. up to 25 bar

Operating temperature:
Max. operating temperature 250 ºC

The cover part can be adjusted for horizontal and vertical mounting.

Scope of application

– Drying Rollers
– Oven
– Pharmacology
– Chemical Industry
– Food Industry

– Heat Exchangers
– Heating Coils
– Tanks
– Pans-Trays


Mechanical Steam trap provides continuous discharge at steam saturation temperature, which usually varies by the amount of condensate. Momentary and wide pressure changes do not affect them. It is used in systems where condensate discharge is desired to be fast and condensate accumulation on the lines is considered inconvenient. Therefore, it is the ideal equipment for use in automatic temperature-controlled systems.