Solid Fuel Boilers


  • Coal Boilers
  • Pellet Boilers

Main elements;

  • Main Boiler Body: Semi-cylindrical welded from steel material


  • Outer Cassette Sheets: Easy to assemble and disassemble, phosphate protected

painted with electrostatic powder paint

  • Grill: To provide the ideal fuel-air mixture

specially designed. Special alloy

made from casting and with recommended fuels

melting problem if it works


  • Combustion Chamber: Suitable for liquid, gaseous and solid fuels

designed. Boiler with different fuels

allows it to work.

  • Boiler Pipes: Special boiler pipe conforming to DIN 17177.
  • Combustion Chamber Cover: Provides access to the combustion chamber in the first ignition.It has refractory heat insulation, fully leakproof feature, easy to open and close conical clamping device and special hinge system.
  • Ash Bin Cover: It allows the ashes formed as a result of combustion to be removed. It has a fully sealed, easy to open and close conical clamping device and a special hinge system.
  • Flame Sight Glass: Allows flame to be observed.


Solid fuel boilers are also calling coal boiler. Therefore, they are preferred because the fuel type is easily obtained. In addition, these systems are the most economical fuel consuming boiler type in the market.